Lightest of Light

Lightest of light, lighten my load

Soften this hardened heart so bold

Take hand my good I’ve led astray

Shine thine light to path, I pray

‘tis warmth may melt my cold untold

‘n thaw this frozen malice I hold

Now fire the flame that burns within!

Grant me thus renewed begin

Lightest of light, by darkest of sight

Expose these wrongs I’ve left to right

That I may R.I.P. this night


Beneath the Lynching Tree

Ann Hibbins
The Execution of Ann Hibbins

The Execution of Ann Hibbins

In the shadows

strung the gallows

head cocked askew.

Such a clatter, a splatter

of drooling lather–

Greeting death,

withheld breath,

Death’s flutter ensue;

Now eyes decry

unsilenced by

her death

by men untrue


The Grave Unknown

Unknown Grave - Graveyard Terlingua Texas
It seems the flash caught more than the eye did see in this untouched photo I snapped one twilight evening some years back in the graveyard of Terlingua, Texas. Well, it is a ghost town after all.

The Grave Unknown

On an unknown grave
a stone marks the plot
‘tho no name engrave

Livened by spirits of howling winds,

the forest speaks,

twilight falls,

night begins.

Near I stand tho’ distant mind,

lost in thoughts of memory’s bind.

Grotesque shadows descend to earth,

stirring fright with mocking mirth.

No light of moon dare this night,

fearing solace of ghostly spite.

Fretful in my frightful still,

expecting what shall soon reveal . . .

Slowly letters mysteriously sketch

by unseen hand a name it etch

atop the stone that marks the plot

of this unknown laid to rot.

Alas! The name bares to eye,

‘tis no other,

no other but . . .