Driving Rain


Thru the night, flying low in a driving rain

A lane shift in a construction zone, the chicane(ry)

The spray off the semi-truck beside you, reducing visibility to mere inches

The disconcerting roar of its diesel, the peal of tires, the ominous bulk

Two misty taillights but feet in front of you, your sole means of navigation,

flash a brighter shade red

Lightest of Light

Lightest of light, lighten my load

Soften this hardened heart so bold

Take hand my good I’ve led astray

Shine thine light to path, I pray

‘tis warmth may melt my cold untold

‘n thaw this frozen malice I hold

Now fire the flame that burns within!

Grant me thus renewed begin

Lightest of light, by darkest of sight

Expose these wrongs I’ve left to right

That I may R.I.P. this night